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You will find our site is dedicated to you and your little “Bundle of Joy.” Everything we do and say is designed to advance both you and your Little One. This is an interactive site: we have a Board of Successful Parenting (BOSP), as Chairman of the Board, I will be responding to any queries after conferring with them.

We began providing comments on our daily Blog Archives beginning Monday, January 09, 2012. There is absolutely no cost for the “Bridge to Success guide:”

An integral part of this site is an interactive/update feature, we call it “Our Blog Edition,” and the ARCHIVES.

The Blog Archive comments will  be categorized by day, they will be specifically related to your child: newborn to five years of age. The lineup will be:

Monday: Love is Timeless

Tuesday: Money is a Symbol

Wednesday: Sex is Healing

Thursday: The Silent Spoiler

Friday: Family Relationships

Saturday: Games and such

Sunday: Devotional

That’s it. To find out what you can expect from us, visit “Home.” To answer the question how do we qualify to do what we say, visit “About Us.” We expect everything else to fall into place as you go.

On second thought, before you continue, let me say two things: first, the title of this site expresses the theme. In other words, this site relates to how you, the parent, produces a foundation that will catapult your child from dependence on someone else to the undeniable joy and wealth of independence. Second, we believe everything in existence begins with thought; however, in the life of each of us, nothing happens until we transfer thoughts into action. With that in mind, we want to clarify the fact that this site is a two-part affair: since the parent is the fulcrum of any successful and joyous family, we think it is vital to elevate the parent’s mindset. That’s the theme of part one. The second part of this site is designed to aid the parent in transferring the proper mindset into action. What the parent does will provide a nesting foundation that catapults his child from that solid foundation on the road to success.

Also, we think the most effective way to obtain the greatest results on this site is to follow the posts in the following order: “Home,” “About us,” (then part one: the parents mindset): Three Big Things, Love, Sex, Money, Fear,  and Family. After that, action with your child is the call of the day; in other words, the second part of our “Bridge To Success” is designed to aid you, the parent, in guiding you and your child in ways that uncover life as a “barrel of fun.”

Finally: “Contact us.” Let us know your thoughts and how our effort impacts you. In addition, if you have any concerns, as General Manager of the BOSP I will answer those concerns at my email address: hw2000@fuse.net. Meanwhile, please remember our motto, “Make it happen and make it fun.”

Oh, one more thing! We are delighted with the tons of responses we have received from those who have visited us, please don’t hesitate to keep them coming. I must add a note: this site has been inactive since about July 2015 because of “excessive spam,” I couldn’t get it to stop. Anyhow, as of yesterday (March 19, 2016) we’re back!

Access on the internet will continue to be at no cost; however, if you want the guide as a book, you can order it from, www.amazon.com at $9.88 (I wanted to keep the cost less than $10.00)

On the other hand, we are aware that even with the enormous success of our “Bridge to Success: A Parent’s Problem Prevention Guide,” we realize some parents need help over and above the guide.

With that in mind, we have produced a guaranteed program to aid the parent(s) and get the family on track to gaining a fulfilling family cohesiveness and joy, plus the peace and tranquility of a secure family.

The difference is that our “Bridge to Success Program” carries a significant cost, plus the parent(s) must qualify for acceptance. To qualify, your child must be less than four years of age, plus he/she must be part of your household. If you think you qualify, please send the details of your problem to: hw2000@fuse.net, subject line: Problem.

Our Guide (I repeat) has no cost whatsoever; hopefully, it will be the formula you seek to move you closer to your pursuit of happiness.

Thank you for visiting our site.