Part Two: The Action (“Barrel of Fun”)

The Barrel of Fun

Regardless of our intensions, everything begins in the mind (there is no exception). That’s why your thoughts are of utmost importance: we call those thoughts, the MINDSET;  however, the mindset is meaningless unless it is propelled into action. This part two is the action part! Part of your mindset is to engage your actions as a serious “barrel of fun” and success. At the same time, keep in mind that life is full of challenges: the primary challenge with your Little One is to never, ever give up: Refuse to lose. However, there are two sides to every challenge: the winner and the loser!

Make sure your Little One understands, the winner does not always score the most points; however, both winning and losing can be used as motivators.

Let’s not waste our valuable time: click on “Part Two” and ENJOY the action!.

Bridging Action (Birth to one year) — One to Two yearsTwo to Three Years

Bridging Action (Three to Four years) — Four to Five years

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