Part One: The Mindset (everything begins in the mind)

The Mind

What a person thinks about (most of the time), determines his success or failure, or what he will be! When one of the teenage boys heard that statement, he said, “Not true!, if it were, I’d be a girl!” Take that for what it’s worth; nevertheless, I appreciate the levity. the point is, a parent molds his Little One by instilling in him or her the essential traits of independent living, plus the idea that our Creator provided every one of us with everything we need to be and do all that we desire.

To your child, you, the parent is superman, in the beginning he is totally dependent on others. In his mind, it is difficult to imagine that he will be able to sit up ,stand, walk, run, talk, etc. However, his development is similar to warp speed. Isn’t it fun just watching him develop?

Let’s not dally here with details. Part one designed to identify the residence of the essence of  the core of every one of us, including your Little One: Love, Sex, and Money. It is important that you fully understand these three areas of our lives. With that in mind, the next item to click on is, “Love is Timeless,” please do that now.