The Overview

The Overview

I’m excited! You’ll be excited too when you look at your Little One and see what you and he or she have accomplished after you have followed the guidance on this site.

Careful now, before you continue, I want you to know this site is about changing society – one individual at a time. You and others like you and me, are the individuals. With the aid and directions outlined here, you will mold your Little One into a tower of strength and power.

Incidentally, tens of thousands of individuals and families have acknowledged the effectiveness of the simple yet heartwarming methods, technique, or whatever you prefer to call them resident within this website!

Welcome and thanks for helping change our society into the way you want it to be.

One more thing: if you are male or female, wealthy or homeless, black or white, fat or thin, immigrant or natural born, “gay” or “straight” (did I miss anybody? Oh yes: elderly and/or youthful!), the methodology is equally effective. Again, thank you for opening your mind to your Little One’s “Bridge to Success.”

This website was not designed to change your offspring, rather to mold him or her to be the best individual possible, and to enjoy every minute of the journey toward independence. The best thing to be said about it is, the method of integration is simple and easy to personalize; in fact, that is one of the permanent keys: personalizing the process.

Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that this site is not about me, it is not about you, or the government or politics. It is a site that will aid you in building and molding an adult who will be strong, forthright, honest, and a credit to himself and humanity. It is a site that will aid you, the parent, in molding your Little One and bridging the gap between infancy and adulthood.

Before I continue, I want to back up again, and request that you allow me to also release myself from the tender comment of “lousy parent” and confess that the other half of the parenting duo, my mate, was, is and has been a good parent. The problem has been (I probably shouldn’t reveal this “in public,” but…) she and I are opposites in many ways: she is very practical, especially when it comes to financing: she seeks security.

On the other hand, I am a risk-taker, financing is not my strong suit (to say the least). A simple example is, when I would return from shopping with (anything, you name it…), her first question, if she had one, would be, “How much did it cost?” Before she taught me the proper theme, my answer would be (nearly always…), “I don’t know, let’s look at the receipt.”

When we talk about the Critical Three, specifically about money, you’ll find that the single best way to elevate your financial picture (it’s important that, by your actions, you quickly relate this to your Little One), prior to any investment, perform a cost versus worth analysis. That probably sounds complicated or fancy, it’s not, it’s simply a means of comparing the cost of a thing to what it’s worth toward fulfilling a goal. Don’t make it a big deal, on the other hand, make it a way of life.

I used to think seeking security was mundane (not at all exciting), and being a risk-taker was exciting (who cares about the cost, if I want it, that’s all that counts). Both of those might be true; however, such a position might be a formula for continued lack of financial power, and result in failure to take total advantage of potential or actual financial resources.

If I might be so bold, please do something for you and your Little One: STOP. Go back and re-read the two previous paragraphs. They may not apply to you, on the other hand, realization of the theme could result in a re-birth of your (especially your Little One’s) financial world. It did in mine!

There are many other differences that I could note, but this site is not about my mate or us. It’s about you and your relationship to your little “Bundle of Joy.” It’s addressed to you, the parent, because you hold the key to molding an individual into a polished, independent adult who can be part of, and help a new culture arrive in the midst of the current mismatch.

Sometimes we don’t think about the idea that everyone has two parents; however, not everyone will be, wants to be, or can be, a parent. The object of this site is to provide the parent with essential tools needed to bridge the gap between infancy and adulthood — that is not a simple task; however, we humans need a solid foundation to survive the trauma of changing conditions. In the case of individuals, the foundation is erected during the first five to seven years of his existence (think pink/blue – wasn’t that easy?).

The five-year timeframe is the focus of this site because that encompasses the span prior to the school systems corrupting your little “Bundle of Joy.”

By reading and absorbing the essentials within this site, both the parent and child can expect to experience life as it is meant to be: a barrel of fun and excitement. Many of you may be thinking, “What does he mean, ‘prior to the school systems corrupting (my) child.’” Continue accessing this site, you will understand exactly what I mean; not only that, you’ll be better prepared and able to withstand the assault on your Little One.

Nevertheless, that’s an excellent question, so let me be clear about what I mean: we have an abundance of teachers who provide our youth with unique methods to solve a variety of problems: each of us should be grateful for their positive contribution. On the other hand, our teachers should be gearing our youth toward a moral foundation with the thought in mind to better determine truth from fiction (an individual does that by adhering to the fact that the core of truth is consistency along with brevity). In addition, teachers should be partnering with parents in an effort toward maintaining a moral compass supporting the idea that life is a “barrel of fun,” yet it should be taken seriously with an eye toward a successful future.

One more item before we continue: many individuals have found that one of the primary methods of achieving success at anything is to find someone who is already successful at whatever it is; find out what he did and mimic him. However, because of the fact that every parent is different and every child is different in relation to the parent, mimicry may not always produce parent/child success. That’s one of the things that makes this site unique. The techniques/methods outlined here enhance both the sameness and differences in the parent/child relationship. In other words, you’ll know when and how to mimic, and when and how to lead the charge to a new frontier of joyful interaction with your Little One.

Now, “let’s get ready to rumble!”

Problem Prevention (Overview)

Before I continue, let me say that this effort differs from many others in a number of ways. Primarily, I tackle the foundation of our being, in a manner that leads to the end result of a person who faces life with passion. In addition you can look forward to anticipating joyful noises of success, which leads you and all who associate with you to the realization of worthy goals.

Here is the success-sequence: before anything else is established, determine your child’s identity, that is ultra-important. How does a parent do it? Good question; the answer is in step one of the big three: talk and listen a great deal. We already know our Creator has already provided him with all he needs to achieve all that he desires, it’s just that other than the desire to please you, your child has no idea what he desires. What you want  to do is talk a great deal and listen intently to his responses. Then you can help guide him toward recognizing what he wants and who he is.

Once his identity is established, the rest is easy (always keep in mind the three essentials: discipline, love, and passion). Following identity is goal-setting, then planning (It seems and sounds simple, the fact is it’s essential, once the plan is set, follow the plan). Integrate into the plan, benchmarks. Benchmarks are temporary goals on the road to the destination, they are established so that you know where you stand in relation to your final goal. If, once you arrive at the temporary-goal time-frame, you find you are deficient in your achievement, that’s the time to make adjustments.

Not so incidentally, every goal is temporary, for the simple reason that once a goal is achieved, you know in your heart of hearts that your Little One can do better. That means you must elevate your mental outlook and identify his next level of achievement without interfering with his barrel of fun (that’s extremely important).

Note of caution: if you are inclined to push your Little One, push toward the fun; achievement will follow in short order. Isn’t that exciting, mankind simply keeps reaching for the stars (that’s called “perfection”).

Meanwhile, please, pretty please, don’t make a big deal of it; on the other hand, it is a big deal. I am referring to the importance of the act of planning, working the plan, and goal setting.

Sorry to be so wordy, let’s continue with the “Overview.”

The key to success of this site is recognition and identification that just as there are two components to being a human being, there are two components to being a parent. The first and most important is the parent’s mindset. It is the major issue of being a “good parent.” The first part of this work is devoted to that issue. It is of utmost importance because the behavior of your Little One stems from the mental outlook you create and mold.

The second component is what you do. Everything, without exception, begins in the mind; however, nothing happens until we transfer our thoughts into action. That’s where the parent(s) helps develop the physical skills that make it easy and fun for your little “Bundle of Joy” to, slowly but surely, show how he is in control of his worldly existence.

I hope you agree that we have set the foundation for the beginning of our journey, thank you for having an open mind about being a “good parent.”

Here we go (put on your seat belt).

I’ve said much too much: let me tell you the most effective, quickest and easiest manner to enjoy this guide:

  1. As you arrive on the site (let’s call it “The Desktop”), you’ll see labels: within each labelled box, you will find a drop-down arrow: click on the arrow and you’ll see titles that apply to that label. Click on the title and enjoy the ride!

Rearing children has been the most exciting adventure in the lives of untold numbers of men and women and the most important. On the other hand, it usually is not the easiest. Regardless of how one says it, all parents have dreams for their children, and RIGHT NOW is the time to begin making those dreams come true. The question is; how does one begin? Some enlightened enthusiasts say one answer is, follow the guide on this site, personalize the technique, then follow up on the content!

Our number one job as parent is to nudge our joyful infants in such a way that they arrive as adults in a position to totally enjoy the best that life has to offer. The eye-opening reality is that it does not have to be attached to their financial position in life. Many parents miss the boat in instilling the proper mindset that will help propel their Little Ones to heights of genuine self-reliance, self-importance, and the reality of expecting and accepting consequences in all that they do.

Many adult Americans are stalled from catching the train to happiness by not fully realizing that the life of a human being is complex. On the other hand, with proper guidance, the perception of life’s challenges can take on the appearance of being “no big deal.” In addition, a parent needs to provide a secure foundation for his Little One relating to self worth, financial stability, and sexual concerns. Each of these areas is easy to conquer if we start at the beginning. That’s where this site comes in – at the beginning.

To initiate your Little One, and baptize him into the making of the “Bridge to Success,” the parent should begin with Three Big Things! Then we will uncover the Factor of Five.

As we go along, I want to be careful to note that the desire to influence the development of your new arrival, regardless of the level of intrinsic ability to learn, is essential to his development. It is the belief of many who have consumed this site, that the approach outlined within will enhance and improve every parent/child relationship, and tackle patterns leading to learning efficiency (Movigenics).

There is a point to be made here that could impact the successful interrelationship and subsequent joyful production of all that is relevant in the life of your Little One. It’s a tough one because handled improperly; it could cause setbacks in his development. With this site as your guide, your Little One will tend to advance very quickly and enjoy every minute of his progress and achievement. However, achievement produces pride and pride can very well produce arrogance.

That’s a problem we want to guard against because it can cause the way others relate to and embrace your Little One’s achievements.

Never, ever rain on his parade; on the other hand, regardless of how well and how quickly he matures, there are other individuals existing under the same conditions that will do better, in some instances, much better than your Little One. He should be made aware of that fact, but in simple and subtle ways. In other words, help develop a trait in your Little One that I call “humilipride.” Humilipride is the position one attains where he is proud of his achievements and acknowledges that he is special; at the same time, understands that his success is a normal human attribute. The result is that humility will tend to cradle his achievement.

Since the lifetime object of your Little One is to achieve maturity and independence, one way to show humility is to acknowledge the presence of those who have already achieved independence by referring to them as sir/ma’am. In other words, the positive attitude of your Little One should be to assume his elders have already achieved that standard. He can respectfully honor their achievement by conferring on them the title of “Sir/Madam.” Some individuals might say, “That’s sweet, but no need to be formal with me, young man, you can just call me Sue.” Your Little One can then answer, “Thank you Ma’am… I mean Sue.”

You might say, “What’s the big deal?” There is no big deal, the point here is, don’t get caught up on the small stuff: the idea is simply to treat everyone with respect (that could be important to them), it could make a difference in their support of his image (that could be important to your Little One).

The above can be a tricky one, don’t overdo it: just be aware of it. Don’t you just love the way life is a challenge, and that because of our nature, we can make joyful noises to all the land and praise the goodness it offers.

Now, let’s get started…I know, I know, I said that before. I guess the reason I might appear to be redundant is that this site is designed to be absorbed in segments. I could say, “I’m only human,” but I cringe when people say that, we are at the top of the food-chain, so get over it! Ughhh, that sounded harsh didn’t it, sorry about that. Let’s continue! I know, I know, I probably said that before too!

To close out this “Overview,” let me just tell you how I’ll present the “Bridge to Success.” Very briefly, you can outline my site like this:

Part One: the parent’s mindset:

1) Three Big Things: talk a lot, say “no” a lot, restrict gifts (other than of one’s self).

2) The Critical Three: Love (the easiest), Sex (the most volatile), Money (the most misunderstood).

3) The Factor of Five (that’s the Critical Three, plus I title the two possible enemies of the Critical Three: The Silent Spoiler and Family relationships).

Part Two: this is where you transfer the parent’s mindset into action with your child.(“nothing happens ’til somebody sells something”), preparing the parent’s mindset is a great start, but nothing happens until the mindset is transferred into action with your child.

The Umbrella: “Make it happen, and make it fun!.” Regardless of what you do, be aware that your strong suit is that YOU are in CONTROL. Your child will acknowledge that fact unless you give it up: you can only do that by default. Bottom line: make the interaction with your child “a barrel of fun.”

To properly begin, let me say this: if you take nothing else from this website, take the idea that the most important thing you can do for you, your Little One, and the rest of us is to help him develop self-discipline.

Keep in mind, for your child to develop self-discipline, you must first impose discipline, the key is, blanket it with Love.

Love is easy, discipline can be and usually is difficult, it must be practiced (no worry, we guide you into the realm of erecting a pattern of discipline). Those are the two essential items: sprinkle those with firm benchmarks of passion: the result will be the undeniable position of a winner. Everything else, success and the ability to fully share the joys of life, will follow as a matter of course.

I said discipline is tough, and it is, but before we get into the magic of the big three things that make it happen and make it fun, please access “Corporal Punishment”.




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